LGCY supplies some data in regards to the development of the mission till November.

Legacy developer Vinod Kumar now has the LGCY network development team running. under the supervision of Vinod, Founder and CEO of TSC Hybrid, the development team that comes together represents a highly skilled & dedicated development team with extensive experience building and working on the Tron network.

The team has branched out the library and studied Tron BlockChain technology, identified its main weaknesses and shortcomings to fine-tune the technology for optimization in the LGCY Network ecosystem.

“This early stage is key for ensuring that the technology for LGCY supports the future developer community with a network that is optimized for speed, scaleability and security

“This early stage is key to ensuring that the technology for LGCY supports the community of future developers with a network optimized for speed, scalability and security ”

The team has also started writing Java Code ones will be the basis of the LGCY BlockChain. This stage will be followed by the development of blockchain-related tools essential for the future infrastructure that the LGCY Network should support.

The New Governance Model, the Libertas Protocol, is being pressure tested internally to ensure that the LGCY Network is launched, the protocol achieves its ultimate goal of ensuring a solid blockchain community-centered, truly decentralized. The goal of the Libertas Protocol is to remove the possibility of a single entity controlling total network governance.

The Development Team proposes the issuance of only smart contract tokens on the new blockchain which will help protect the network from scammers at large. Since basic tokens are easy to create, the lack of significant technical knowledge makes it easier for scammers to create tokens on the network with the primary motive of raising funds without actually shipping the product.

5 Key Stages of LGCY Network Development

Overall, LGCY Network development remains significantly ahead of the planned schedule outlined in the whitepaper. The development team remains committed and confident in bringing the LGCY Network to the community and looks forward to providing updates every two weeks to keep our community able to accelerate our progress.

The original roadmap is being revised. The team was moving fast and the milestones were achieved faster than anticipated. We look forward to sharing our revised roadmap this week.

As we have shared via Twitter, we can take a peek at our explorers.

Here is a first look into the $ LGCY # blockexplorer ! pic.twitter.com/sn8F8xcmZN

– LGCY Community (@LGCYNetwork) October 31, 2020

Look forward to long run updates. Our following building updates provides you with a extra technical view and an extra snippet of what we now have constructed.


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