1. Contract Buying and selling Charges


  1. Unfold- is determined by Lengthy to Quick Ratio. If the collection of lengthy positions exceeds the fast positions, the purchasing unfold is greater, and vice versa.
  2. Calculation approach:

When there’s a unfold in an extended place, the lengthy worth: present worth (1 + unfold ratio)

When there’s a unfold on a brief place, the fast worth is: the present worth (1 – unfold ratio)

  1. The unfold ratio can be adjusted in line with adjustments in marketplace intensity. The unfold ratio differs throughout other buying and selling classes.

Reminder: The unfold levels proven under are for reference best. All through extremely unstable marketplace stipulations, spreads is also higher than the examples indexed within the desk under.

, 8: 00 and 16: 00 (GMT + 8).

The consumer can apply the present investment price for the contract at the 'Place' web page. Investment charges can be settled upon last the location.

  1. Calculation approach

Investment Quantity = Overall Contract Business Measurement Investment Charge (if investment price is unfavorable, you’ll obtain a investment praise).

2. Charges & Withdrawal Limits

Sort Unfold Levels

Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin 0, 02% ~ 0.1%
Cryptocurrencies rather than Bitcoin 0, 02% ~ 0.2%
International Index 0, 02% ~ 0, 15%
Commodities 0, 02% ~ 0.1%
the Forex market 0, 02% ~ 0.1%
  1. Making an allowance for marketplace stipulations and liquidity, when the location huge customers (together with open positions and pending trades), unfold charges can be moderately adjusted, and unfold prices can be allotted to each side (common customers might not be affected).

Buying and selling Charges

  1. Buying and selling Charge Stage: 0, 075% (
      Present Buying and selling Charge Reductions )
    1. Calculation Means: Buying and selling Charge = Business Price Buying and selling Charge Charge (One Time Charge).
    2. Buying and selling charges are recorded when opening a place and deducted when last a place.

    3. )

    Investment Charge

    Investment charges are decided by way of the marketplace and range now and again. When the investment price is certain, Longs will pay the Shorts. When the investment price is unfavorable, the shorts pay longs.

    When a consumer has held a place for a couple of hour, the investment price (charge / praise) can be calculated.


    1. Definition

    When the investment price is certain, Longs will pay the Shorts. When the investment price is unfavorable, the Shorts pay Longs.

    1. Investment Agenda

    Investment happens each 8 hours at 0:

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Charges

BTC 0, 0005
ETH 0.0 05
USDT – ERC 20 1








Day by day max. Cumulative max

BTC 0.0 02 1 1 4
ETH 0, 05 50 50 200
USDT 10 10. 000 10. 000 40. 000
KYC Verified Min. Withdrawal

Max. Withdrawal Day by day max. Cumulative max

BTC 0.0 02 2 5 /
ETH 0, 05 150 400 /
USDT 10 100. 000 1. 000. 000 /

(Up to date to 16 Nov th . Please see the most recent bulletins.)

3. Cryptocurrency Change Charge

The Cryptocurrency Change Charge is 0.2%.

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