A decentralized alternate or DEX has been round for a couple of years now. A few of our customers would possibly bear in mind BitShares, which continues to be lively, and different first movers within the decentralized monetary house.

Within the context of the new upheaval involving a longtime centralized alternate (CEX), a rising selection of retail customers are suspected of shifting their price range to UniSwap, the DEX which has lately stuck the attention.

Uniswap’s reasonable day by day buying and selling quantity has soared to round $ 220 million, in line with knowledge tracker CoinMarketCap.com .

So let’s return to fundamentals to peer why DEX could be horny and why in different instances customers could be buying and selling on CEX, similar to Binance, Coinbase or AAX.

Owns property

Bitcoin was once created to permit the advent, switch and garage of virtual cash on-line, with out the desire for a central middleman – similar to a financial institution.

After all, as Bitcoin and different cryptocurrency buying and selling is changing into extra commonplace, with the exception of peer-to-peer and over the counter buying and selling, the trade is all of a sudden seeing the emergence of centralized exchanges that serve as like markets inventory.

Despite the fact that blockchain technology very protected, centralized exchange is often the target of large-scale hacks, and in some cases insiders have gone rogue.

At DEX, users do not give up custody of their assets. Instead, they are themselves responsible for the safety of their funds and they trust smart contracts when engaging in trading – or other economic activity.

For some users, such controlled ownership is important. However, other users may prefer to hold their assets with CEX – if something goes wrong, the exchange could be held accountable or in other cases could accommodate the user and provide assistance.

In particular, institutional investors will be hesitant to shift their capital to an unregulated liquidity pool. Additionally, CEX now holds most of their clients’ assets in cold storage, and custody providers such as Koine, Fidelity Digital Assets Services, and Copper, allow clients to securely hold assets in insured third party custody with the option to trade on multiple centralized exchanges. from one terminal.


Liquidity has been the main advantage over the years over DEX, and despite the sizeable growth on platforms like UniSwap, CEX as a whole provides better liquidity.

But it’s also about long term planning. CEX may record volume in the billions, but it is still not much compared to the gold market or say forex, where trillions of dollars are traded.

Dealing with institutional volume is a matter of technology as well as a matter of utilization. At AAX, we use the proven matching engine of LSEG Technology which is also used by the London Stock Exchange and other first tier markets. Other centralized exchanges are also capable of handling sizable volume orders – this is where there is still plenty of room for growth across the board, but especially in the DEX – and it doesn’t even address the other elements of a wiser market infrastructure that determine the resilience and suitability of exchanges for current adoption. main.

User experience

User experience is another key factor to consider. Trading on DEX is not as easy as it sounds, not if you want to avoid bad rates and slippage. Yield farmers can make a significant profit in the space, but those who navigate the DeFi space well usually know what they are doing.

With all accounts, trade at CEX or for example place your crypto in a savings account for earning interest on AAX is more straightforward than doing such actions on DEX like UniSwap .

For institutional buyers, then again, the DeFi house could be very horny, and CEX similar to Binance, FTX, AAX and others temporarily indexed quite a lot of DeFi-related crypto property, together with UNI, in addition to perpetual futures contracts for hedged positions ranking . This permits the broader funding group, who won’t have participated within the DeFi house, to take a position and achieve publicity.

Retail customers can navigate quite a lot of puts, in search of arbitration opportunities .

How issues will increase from right here, is unclear. However at AAX, we see the DeFi house and that comes with DEX as crucial sector within the crypto trade, and we imagine CEX has crucial position to play in connecting the broader funding group, together with institutional buyers, to the crypto trade as an entire. , together with this maximum specialised, experimental and cutting edge nook of the marketplace.

2.2k Perspectives

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